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Thread: Poll: Do you wear a watch while woodworking?

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    I know..

    DJ = disc jockey.

    PP = private party.
    Rick Potter

    DIY journeyman,
    FWW wannabe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Huskey View Post
    When I read the post I had to took a double take because it reads more like a WUS post than an SMC post... Wonder what percentage of people here know what a DJ or a PP is. Out of curiosity which PP? I must say I wear my watches without a lot of regard to anything but water but I must say if I have on a PP, VC Lange or AP they get switched out before going to the shop, kudos to you for wearing them. I have dived with my Nautilus and Aquanaut though.
    I don’t suppose a big percentage of WUS folks know what a Martin T45 or a T60C is???

    I love high-end watches, but right now high-end woodworking equipment speaks to me louder and I know they’re not counterfeit, don’t have to keep them in a safe, and they help me make money.

    That being said, my next “machine” will be a “Sky Dweller”😀

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    The older you get, the less you care about what time it is. So the answer is no.

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    I wear my Rolex DateJust daily and have everyday since it replaced the Baume & Mercier Riviera I wore everyday prior to that. I prefer the Baume for work wear, because it is thinner. I've discovered the Riviera it is no longer made, so I won't be wearing it to work any more.

    "Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.”
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    "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."
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    No jewelry. I don't even have music or tv on, I don't want the distraction. Brian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Day View Post
    Odd question, but no. I don’t know anyone but my Dad who wears a watch at all.
    Two generations. Some of us grew up without a phone tied to us. I usually do a six-day wilderness float trip every summer. I'm frequently the only one wearing a watch. During the course of a day I get hit up frequently, "what time is it?"

    But yeah, it's always on me.


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    I haven't worn a watch for at least 10 years & don't miss it a bit. When doing any kind of tool work I don't wear any jewelry on my hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Latham View Post
    Two generations. Some of us grew up without a phone tied to us. I usually do a six-day wilderness float trip every summer. I'm frequently the only one wearing a watch. During the course of a day I get hit up frequently, "what time is it?"

    But yeah, it's always on me.

    Some here are aware that in my day job I am a clinical psychologist and specialise in working with children and adolescents. I am considered to be an expert working with ADHD and ASD.

    I have given many public talks over the years. Twenty-five years ago I used have a standard joke for the audience. It was a serious statement, but stated in a joking manner. It would go,
    "I can diagnose the likelihood of your child being ADHD in 3 seconds flat - all I have to do is look at their wrists". Now I must emphasise that this was true of 25 years ago, but I cannot state it today. What I was looking for back then was whether the child wore a watch. It was still the era of analogue watches, and children with ADHD just had no interest in time (they are "time blind"), and did not wear a watch. When they did wear a watch, it was digital ... because they liked pushing the buttons and setting alarms. It was a toy.

    I cannot say this today since many (children and adults) do not wear watches anymore. Instead, they carry pocket watches (mobile/cell phones), which are digital. Everything seems to be digital these days - computers, microwave ovens, even motorcar speedometers. Still, the difficulty with visualising time and time frames is a central factor in ADHD, and a factor behind poor organisational skills, forward planning and time management. It really would not surprise me that the move to digital time is a component in the increase in ADHD over the decades.

    Regards from Perth

    Derek (daily wearer: 1984 Tudor/Rolex Submariner on a comfortable silicon RubberB strap)
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    I am definitely not ADHD. But I got my first digital watch in 1974 because of how I could time my running more accurately. Now that I no longer can run, I'm just used to it.

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    This is a very old thread.

    I stopped wearing a watch when I started carrying a smartphone. But recently, I started wearing an Apple watch. All it's really good for is exercise tracking but that's what I bought it for.

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    I use a calendar instead of a watch to keep track of my time on a project... (sigh)

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    I've never worn a wristwatch, in the shop or otherwise. Carried a pocket watch years ago, but never really got in the habit of using it. Nowadays times that matter to me when I"m working are announced - nay, nagged - to me by Microsoft Exchange, and I don't really pay much attention otherwise. There are analog wall clocks in my shop and in our house if do need the time.

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    Steve, your post reminds me of Lord Chesterfield's (or was it Lord Marlboro?) advice to his son. Something like ,"take
    your watch out to see the time....not to show people you have one"
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    do you remember when Siegfried said "the watch took a licking but it kept on ticking" quote from educational TV shows of the past and borrowed from timex before that. This one did 35 years in my shop,. five glasses later and too many straps later it was suggested i retire it as the insides were not as happy as when they started out. Found the closest guy I could to replace it and so far not been in the shop, forgot it was on a few times doing outside work and even that was a mistake. Second hand was a good thing for timing lacquers through a cup.

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    I wear a watch every day all day. My life includes a number of time and schedule critical activities and I want to know where I stand at a glance as opposed to pulling my phone out of my pocket. I work with a number of folks who have abandoned watches in favor of their phone. They're chronically late for everything and expect it not to matter. It matters.
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