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Thread: Miller-Falls Model 77 Egg Beater Chuck

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    Question Miller-Falls Model 77 Egg Beater Chuck

    I recently picked up a dirty MF 77 drill at a garage sale for $3. Seemed to work well, but really needed cleaning of all the moving parts and a replacement side handle. After some soaking and then oiling it is working well. That is except for the chuck. The chuck wants to stick when it has been tightened against a bit or itself. I've oiled it several times, but it still often sticks. From what I can see looking into it, the outsides of the chucks teeth(?) maybe scratched and causing the sticking.

    My question is how does the chuck come apart. I thing there is a threaded disk on the back end of the chuck that gives access, but I'm not sure and don't want to attack it without better knowledge. I've got a Goodell-Pratt egg beater whose chuck opens that way. I've tried lightly to open it, but its tighter than I want to force unless I get or make a better fitting screw driver blade.

    Thanks for the help. Oh, I did make a new, but very simple, side handle to replace the missing one.

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    Hi Richard,

    In my experience these chucks all come apart in the same manner. It is the tool required to get a grip on the cone and the base that changes.

    for a Millers Falls #2 with the same problem my solution is to not set the bit in all the way and then when removing the bit loosen the cone (sleeve) and push the drill in to release the grip.

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