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Thread: real time satellite views.

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    real time satellite views.

    My inlaws live in Myrtle Beach in an area that lays kind of low. I was told there is a live satellite service on line that permits a person to look up a neighborhood and tell if there was flooding..They are not there, went to a relatives house in NC. (not much better) I must have been to 15 different sites and the ones that are real time can't be enlarged enough to even see roads. Any body know of such a thing? Thanks.

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    After the storms here, the government posted aerial images so you could look up areas and see what was damaged, but it wasn't a live satellite- just a post-storm satellite image. I'm sorry that I don't even remember what branch of government or where they posted them. I doubt they are going to let people view live satellite feeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcolm Schweizer View Post
    I doubt they are going to let people view live satellite feeds.
    It would take a lot of satellites to cover one state much less the whole country for live viewing. There are some aerial photos at this NOAA site.
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    Probably look for traffic cams or such. just google "live cams' then name of town to find them. Or check state highway department or local police for cams.
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    Have a look at ""

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    I know darn well the weather satlelites are focused down on the entire country 24 -7. even if the photos were just one or two a day on line to see the flooding when the storm clears. They were showing close ups by satelite of New Bern NC. and The outer banks. Can't see why they aren't available. A traffic cam won't give me a view of a subdivision or neighborhood.

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    Not real time but a ton of current information:
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