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Thread: Grizzly 16" Jointer Review- G9953ZX

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Huskey View Post
    FYI there is no tariff on this jointer since it is made in Taiwan.
    Yes I am aware. I never claimed that this item was effected by the tariff. I mentioned it to provide context.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bender View Post
    Ok I'm not familiar with those big jointers and the picture brings up a question about that round rack gear. Does it get jammed with chips?
    The dust collection is adaquate. Sometimes, I forget to turn on the dust collector, or I fail to open the correct blast gate. That is why there are chips in that picture.

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    I got the 8" version of that jointer back when they still made it. It was a good machine. The straight knives were a little fussy to set and IIRC, I broke the fence adjustment handle. Overall good experience with it though. We had it set up with a feeder for edge jointing and moved the fence/feeder forward to fresh parts of the knife as it got dulled. Only got rid of it when the process changed.

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