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Thread: Won't Fall Again

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    Won't Fall Again

    Some time ago I was using a milk crate as a stool to get up onto my bench. On getting down, it slid out from under my foot and I landed flat on my back. Normally I bounce but this time I bounced my head and knocked the wind out of me. Stayed down for a minute or two. Repurposed the crate and went to the store for a 2 step stool with rubber feet. It works great. Added an inch of Armaflex insulation to the top and it also makes a great seat for low work.
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    Nice stool Tom. Glad you're ok.
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    I like ladders. (or latters as some guy on Craigslist like to call them) For me, step stools are OK if I have something to hold on to but if I need to use both hands I like to use a ladder and be able to lean into it. My balance isnít as good as it used to be.
    Iím glad youíre OK. I had a co-worker that lost his wife when she fell off a ladder and hit her head.
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