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Thread: door identificaton

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    door identificaton

    how to mark or identify doors removed from jambs, to paint and then return to proper jamb. apx 36 each 3 x7

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    Just mark on the top edge of the door with a Sharpie. Make a drawing to keep up with which jamb is which. If the top edge has to be painted, use Roman Numerals with a chisel. Roman Numerals because it's so much faster to make an 8 with a chisel.

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    Sharpie in the area under the top hinge works too. Mark door and jamb.
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    If you are going to take the door knobs for painting you can put the identifying information in the hole for the knob and latch hardware.

    If not, write it on a piece of masking tape placed on the knob.

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    I always used to mark the hinges with sharpie on masking tape.
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    I have one of those automatic date stampers that I use on wood that I store away so I know how long it has been drying.. You could easily use it to mark the doors and jambs under the hinge or knob escutcheon. Just chose a month and advance the date from one to 31. since you need 36 advance to the next month and repeat.
    If 372 days in a year is not enough you can then advance the years as well. Most will probably have ten years plus one blank year for a total of 4092. If that is not enough then it is time to switch ink color or stamp each date twice or maybe sideways.
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