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    Question Corel question

    Good morning my fellow laserers (?)
    I have a simple question I'm sure any Corel Master can answer but this forum is the best for finding out. When I have a design that I outline in Coreldraw and want to cutout just the outline, how do I keep it from cutting the thing out in such little increments due to the massive number of nodes in the intricate design. I want a smooth cutout based in the line image.
    Any help ?
    Thanks so much.
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    Unless the later versions have a better way, I delete as many of the nodes on the curves as possible, and redo the curves as needed to get the shape back. It’s easiest if you copy and paste the whole thing, then turn the copy another color and thicker, lay the hairline on top, then adjust it so you can always see the original shape. Save the original with another name first in case you mess up.

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    Check out eCut from macromonster. It does things that people ask for quite often and it's a bargain for the price!
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