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Thread: Jig storage

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    I typically drill one or two holes in the deck or fence of whatever jig I'm making so they can be wall hung.
    Or I make them as ugly and quickly as possible so I don't mind throwing them away. I'd say 95% of the jigs I've made never get used more than once.

    (If I could only take my own advice), the best strategy is make the first jig quick and dirty, take lots of pictures, and notes, and then throw it away after the project. Make the keeper, improved version if and when you need it a second time.

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    I replaced my cabinet saw with a slider, now I have no jigs except a Fritz und Franz.

    I have a couple for the shaper, and one log sawing carriage for the band saw, my uniquely creative solution for those is peg board hooks on the wall

    I really wished there was a genius level solution to this............Regards, Rod.

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