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Thread: 100w Chinese Laser Engraver Power Stopped Working, LED Screen Not coming on

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    Angry 100w Chinese Laser Engraver Power Stopped Working, LED Screen Not coming on

    I was in the middle of a job, all of a sudden the Control panel went blank and the laser stopped. The light still works, the fan still works, no power to the control panel, when I looked at the laser power supply box, the red light and yellow light is on but the green light is not on. I checked the fuses in the power supply plug in and they look ok, was hoping it was just a fuse. Any thoughts of what to do next if it is not the fuse? **LCD Screen
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    Depending on what controller there is, it sounds like the 24v DC power supply for the controller has either blown its own fuse (if it has one), or has simply died.
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    Wondering if Katie tried the suggestions in the other Thread she started?
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    Let's try to help Katie.

    What controller does your laser have?
    What software do you use?

    When the laser display died.. Did you hear any specific sounds? Electrical arc snapping?

    here are the likely suspect faliures.
    1) Dead Display.. really rare
    2) failed output toward the Display (dead 5VDC or dead communications chip from the controller)
    3) dead controller
    4) faulted limit switch/sensor with short from VDC to GND .. causing the 24VDC power supply to fault
    5) dead 24VDC power supply

    My favorite word is not "Dead".

    The LCD display is likely to be powered from the main motion controller card. The main controller card could be alive, but the respective 5VDC and communication output could be dead.

    A high voltage spike could have fried the controller. This happens when the laser tube fails, but the controller keeps sending commands to "fire".. The voltage tends to surge throughout the laser machine .. killing the main controller.

    Look at the 24 VDC power supply. It should have a green LED on. The Green LED might be blinking. If the LED is blinking... the power supply is trying to restart, but it has a faulted short on the load.
    Go to the main motion controller board and unplug the 24VDC power connector. The 24vdc power connector should be the only 2-pin green connector. Check the 24vdc power supply again and see if the green LED stays bright.
    Ultimately... if you take the load off of the 24VDC power supply and it is still dead.... well.. it's dead. And that would be a cheap solution to fix the laser.

    I have noticed times when a dead limit switch (inductive type) shorts the +VDC to the ground. The sensor causes the main controller to overload the 24VDC power supply...

    I hope that we could help you..
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