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Thread: Question on fitness/food tracker & data sale

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    Question on fitness/food tracker & data sale

    Start with, I'm 73 and need no medication. If it was prescribed, I'd take it, but given a choice, I'd rather alter my lifestyle. I know, I'm lucky (and have good genetics - also work out 3-4 X a week)
    After full medical last week, Doc. says my cholesterol, sugar numbers are a little higher than he'd like - I know my blood pressure is marginal 140/85. He wants me to loose weight 10-15 lbs (4-8 kg) and says it should bring things back, He mentioned what to cut out, and that's fine.
    For years I've had "My Fitness Pal" (it's and Under Armor company) on my iPhone, and used it once in a while.
    With the new plan, I wanted to return to tracking my intake and workouts, but they have a new policy: Give us permission to use your data in any way we wish, or {don't use the app}.
    The app's gone.
    Does anyone have an app they use which safeguards your data privacy and still gives me the ability to keep track of workouts and food intake?
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    Young enough to remember doing it;
    Old enough to wish I could do it again.

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    I've got Samsung Health on my phone. It does the same sort of stuff. I believe its a free app. It came with my phone.

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    We do not have cell phones. My wife has an iPad which she doesn't want me to touch.

    My reply is about your tag line:

    Young enough to remember doing it;
    Old enough to wish I could do it again.
    It reminds me of a story about an elderly gentleman walking along when he sees a young lad sitting on the curb crying.

    He asks the boy why he is crying. The boy says, "I can't do what the big boys do."

    The old man sits down and starts crying too.

    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
    - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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