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Thread: Boy, I'm in trouble now!

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    James Veitch is awesome with scammers

    Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening

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    I once received a call from a very nice gentleman in India who stated my computer was not running optimally due to the many viruses it has!!

    He wanted to clean them out remotely! He had me start up my machine and log on to the internet while he would gain remote access.

    So after several minutes on hold he became impatient because my lighthouse (Netscape) was still spinning.

    Several more minutes and asked me if things were going ok.

    I replied - certainly! We now have a 19.6K connection, usually I only get a 14.4K!

    He wanted me to follow his instructions my "going to bottom L corner of screen and bring up cmd prompt.

    Told him it wasn't there--he was quite angry by this time as it had been all of 20 minutes!

    He ask me what version of windows I was running--Window for workgroups 3.1 was my answer. He then had to talk with his superior.

    After 3 or 4 minutes he got back to me and said he will try to figure out how to remote into my machine but would have to call back.

    He called back back the next day and apologized!! Said my OS was old and I really should update for better security.

    I had a little fun!!

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    Sometimes I think my wife might prefer me to be a 'normal' husband and watch porn instead of spending so much time watching/reading about all the woodworking stuff.

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