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Thread: Are you in the path of the hurricane?

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    Are you in the path of the hurricane?

    Anyone who may be in harms way? If so, can you check in now, and when the wind and floods subside?
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    Brian Kent,

    I'm not in the zone, but several in my family are. My mother is not too far off on the Virginia peninsula. She's 92 and while the rain and winds are not in the very serious category, I'm concerned about a long power outage. My niece and family moved two months ago from Alabama to Wilmington, N.C., currently forecast as the center of the landfall, with a potential 9'-13' storm surge and up to 40" of rain. My niece is in New Orleans for work, and her husband, a Marine Major, and kids drove to somewhere in western Georgia on Tuesday. As the storm has shifted, the new prediction is such that part of GA may get a lot of rain-up to 15". My brother and wife live one block from the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, Virginia- elevation +11'. I designed a house directly on the beach not far away at elevation +9'. As Florence has shifted towards the south, Virginia Beach is not in as serious a situation as before in terms of rain and winds, but the possible 6'-9' of storm surge is cutting it close. My cousin in New Orleans, now retired from the NOPD, was an officer stationed at the N.O. airport during Katrina and these situations are dramatically terrifying.

    My disaster story is the Northridge, CA earthquake (6 miles away) - a large bookcase fell on me in bed - it was 4:30 AM, and there were five days without power or water.

    I can't think of any good news today, but extend my best wishes and most fervent hopes for the best possible outcome for all those affected.

    Alan Caro

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