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Thread: Dyed soft maple or box elder burl

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    Dyed soft maple or box elder burl

    Woodturning buddy roughed this burl out, but found it too soft for his liking. I believe the wood is possibly soft maple or box elder. Turned it as clean as I could get it, but still had to power sand it with 40 grit sandpaper to get rid of tear out. Sanded easily after the 40 grit. Using my detail spray gun, I applied diluted colonial maple alcohol stain on the surface to prevent blotching. That was lightly sanded with 600 grit. Next I sprayed light brown mahogany alcohol stain. This was power sanded with 600 grit paper to show the colonial maple color below. Multiple coats of Mohawk cat lacquer were applied on all surfaces. Piece is 20 x 15. 5/16 at the edge to 3/8 near the foot.

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    Very, very nice piece--on very soft woods try a thinned lacquer soak or a thinned(acetone) epoxy soak overnite before the gouge.

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