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Thread: upgrading from XP to 7, what a nightmare!

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    upgrading from XP to 7, what a nightmare!

    Now, normally the nightmare is changing the OS, re-format, load up, find you have 640x480 res on your 1920 screen, no drivers, etc etc-

    But this isn't the case... I picked up a couple of 're-used' win7pro 32's for $20 each. I found that to change over one of my trusty Dell XP's (which originally came with 7) was to simply start XP, and run the win7 install program. It saved all my old files (not that I need them), and it worked perfect right out of the box!

    The only reason I'm upgrading at all is because Firefox,, Flash, just to name a few, are forcing the 'get the hell off XP!' issue, making XP life miserable. I've been using 7 on my 'main' most-used computer and I've learned to like it. But I have several items around here that aren't 64bit friendly- My GCC Explorer, my trusty old HP Laserjet in the office, and my '05 Quickbooks are 32bit machines, so that's why I got 32bit versions.

    Speaking of 32bit, my fiber came with a laptop, running 32bit win7 EP...

    Now to the nightmare- even tho my 2.5.3 version of EZcad started out with a 32bit 7, and it's worked with a 64bit 7 and 2 different XP machines, when I try to open the same program files on my new upgrade, I get "unsupported operating system"... umm...???? To get it to run, I have to run it in XP compat-mode! WHY!?? I also had trouble getting the dongle & driver board to 'take', but they finally did, so it works fine, as an XP machine...

    Second nightmare: I've been using Gravostyle for almost 20 years, on every OS from 98 to win8.1 with no issues other than the 5.x versions must run in XP compat-mode, but that's because they WON'T run on a newer version. But now, I can't get the dongle driver to work. It SEEMS to load fine during the main program install, but Windows says there's no driver... Loading it manually, I get "unable to start the hasplms service", which seems to be the main problem; it's the service that verifies the dongle's license number, without the service, the dongle is useless. When I attempt to start the service, it just times out...

    My New Hermes rep drop-boxed me a newer dongle driver compatible up to win8 machines, it too seems to load up fine, but the service still won't start. I've never had a dongle issue.

    SO, any of you computer geniuses have any ideas why this 32win7 is suddenly 'too new' to run an old EZcad or what causes services not to start?

    The big Triumph is online, the GCC is online, and the fiber is finally online. But until I get the GS dongle to work so these two tool machines here in the garage will run, this new computer is useless...

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    I feel your pain. I was content running my old computers on XP until I was forced to upgrade to Win 7. I found several of my old programs absolutely refused to open on a Win7 OS. For several other reasons, I ended up buying a new engraving computer, as well as an even newer laptop I use for email, surfing and other power usage. For the programs that won't run on anything other then XP, I fire up my old XP computer and use a Remote Desktop connection to run the programs. I can then easily transfer the files to the Win7 desktop or Win10 laptop.

    I have been quite content with Win10 and would even consider updating my Win7 computer, but don't want to go through the hassle until I have to. I run my '04 Quickbooks 32-bit version on my 64-bit Win7 computer. I just have to ignore the warning that it's not supported and it runs perfectly fine in XP SP3 mode.
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    only took 10 hours, but it's all good-- which is to say, I can safely get on the internet, work all my programs and run all my machines with the win7

    I finally got the GS dongle to work by doing the opposite of the full-program install instructions, which is REMOVE the dongle while the program loads the driver. That's what I was doing when trying to load the newer version. I found out by accident that the upgrade requires the dongle be IN, not out. Some instructions as such would've saved me about 5 hours!

    And EZcad still thinks it's an XP, but the fiber and all my settings are intact so what should I care?

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    And I thought I was the only person on earth, still using XP. Latest upgrade of
    Firefox (forced on me just prior to Firefox dropping support for XP,) has been a nightmare. Have to let computer "warm up" for a few minutes each time it's fired up, or it freezes up. We have three Windows 10 computers in the house. All of them are "snail slow" as compared to XP ones when surfing the net. On tablet kids gave me last Christmas, I can go to a you tube music video and select play. I can get old XP machine out, look up video, select and play it before Windows 10 machine will load it. What an improvement.

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    Yet all we hear about is you need to Upgrade to Windows 10, 7 is such old school. Thanks but no thanks.
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    So win7 is set to 'die' in what, 2020? Two more years? I'm hoping 'they' reconsider that asinine notion, and I'm REALLY hoping the health-care industry will help with that-- Not that I'm a hospital groupie or anything, but speaking for myself, I've yet to find a hospital or doctor's office around here that's NOT using Win7. I'm hoping when the time comes they all push back...

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    Dying out won't necessarily mean moving up to Win10. But anything new that you add probably won't run on old machine. Technology, ain't it great?
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    I can keep using XP's and 98's till the Bahama's freeze over to run my machines, and I will..
    And up till now most of my XP's have been online, with NO AV protection whatsoever for the past 2 years, and the only virus alerts I've gotten have been on the win7! -I run online scans on the XP's occasionally, nothing turns up. With this in mind, I find it ironic that 'security' is the reason everyone is killing service to XP machines

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    (* Stewey sticks his hand up slowly*)

    Another XP user here - on the net and in the workshop.
    Same reason - some of our 32 bit machines & software will simply not work on a 64 bit system - and after 2-3 days of trying all manner of virtual XP systems under a Win7-64 box, and the 32 bit stuff still is invisible, I gave up. It was easier to buy a refurbsihed old 32 bit system, and another two as future spares - then set them up and unplug and put them away for future needs one day.

    I like Win 7 though, and it's nice and fast on a newer box system.
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