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Thread: Hammer and D/C Questions.

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    Hammer and D/C Questions.

    So I have done a few recent upgrades to my shop and am installing the dust collection system. Most recent is I ordered a new Hammer A3-31 (w/silent cutter) to replace my separates as I needed some space back in my smallish shop(14 x 32). I have a 3 hp cyclone with a 15" impeller. I'm placing the J/P about 14' from the cyclone with one 90 about midway through the run. The duct is all 26ga 6" spiral duct. This should allow me to up size the collector in the future if/when needed. Also I ordered all LV self cleaning blast gates and plan to use a 6" gate reducing to 5" flex hose for the final connection to the J/P. Am i figuring this correctly? i am trying to get everything set before the J/P arrives so I can set into place and put it to use as I have a few projects I need to get started.

    2nd. On the laterals, when changing duct size (6" to 4"), is it necessary to use eccentric reducers or are standard concentric fine?

    Thanks for the feed back.

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    Sound like a good plan.
    The reducers are not an issue in dust collection.

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    Thats how I did all my tools in a very similar setup. 1" steps at a time down to the tools port.
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