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Thread: Infinity wooden hand planes.

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    You are comparing a little single iron plane (some vendors call it a boy's plane ) with a full size double iron plane. The Emmerich plane that is equivalent to the Infinity smoother would be in the $110 price range.
    Thanks for the correction. That’s what I get for trying to look at pictures on my phone
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    58 for the blade is plenty hard. A 1095 saw blade like we used to make is 52. The blades we made were a little hard on files,but soft enough to not often have a tooth break off when setting them. The cabinet makers loved them. They were better than any antique ones. Stayed sharp a LONG time.

    As I have said several times,back when I was in the Museum's Musical Instrument Maker's Shop,I tried out many an antique blade. The ones that stayed sharper longest could BARELY be filed a little bit with a NEW,FINE CUT Nicholson file. They were probably about 54 or 55. At the time I didn't have a hardness tester,but I did have a lot of experience. If a blade gets too hard,the microscopic cutting edge will chip off,and it will seem dull to the naked eye. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH. Tempering steel is a balancing act. THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL about chrome vanadium steel. I'd rather have 1095. Plain carbon steel like 1095 will get sharper.

    As for the planes under discussion,they are ugly as can be,though that doesn't mean they wouldn't work well. I would not buy one. I got many a nice old English plane in flea markets for $10.00- $$20.00. But that was then. I haven't needed any more planes for a long time !!! No telling what they bring now. I was tempted a few months ago on Patrick Leache's tool site to spend about $150.00 for a beautiful old Marples plane with the adjustable steel toe in front of the iron. I made myself one years ago. But,this one was the most beautiful cordovan color ! Should have gone for it as I am a terrible tool pig!! That was a type of plane that is hard to find. In England back in the 90's I found a really beat up one,and they wanted $250 POUNDS for it ! No thanks!! Leaches was in immaculate condition.
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    Well, look what the cat drug in...WELCOME BACK, George!

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    Oh,I've just for the past several months not felt like being on the computer,on fora,or even on ebay. Very hard to get up from this without an chair with arms. And,on october I'm having the other knee done. My wife's activitys have delayed it.

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    Welcome back George!!!!!!!!
    We missed you!!!!
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    Glad to hear from you George.

    Keep on keeping on.

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