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Thread: Are You In Flo's Path?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Stankus View Post
    I don't think folks should be allowed to rebuild in flood prone areas, but some of that is a quirk of the Federal Flood insurance.

    Also isn't "evacuate, return, and rebuild" the standard preparation for the forest fires out there?
    Yup. And I'm no more enamored of people (re)building in high-fire-risk areas than you are of people (re)building in high-flood-risk areas. That said, I would note that having a fire this year makes a fire next year quite a bit less likely...the same cannot be said of floods.
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    One reason that earthquakes kill more people than hurricanes might be that, hurricanes are predicted usually a week ahead of time giving the people time to evacuate. Hurricanes victims many times have little warning. Many of the deaths in hurricanes could be avoided. I live in NC, and thankfully Flo is almost gone.


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