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Thread: Toy Box Design

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    Thank you all again for the suggestions. I think I have it narrowed down. I am using my own version based off some ideas in Bill Hylton's book "Illustrated Cabinet Making." Here is to hoping it turns out the way I want....


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    Iím knee deep in my ďhope chest / toy box design,Ē but had a question in regards to the legs.

    I doing my own design after looking at numerous photos and books, but really love these legs from an old magazine. I have 3x3 white oak blanks arriving to my house tomorrow and canít grasp the concept on how to cut this design. If I only cut a (2) taper then the sides wouldnít be tapered how I want correct?

    Can anyone explain the legs in these photos and tell me how I would taper these? I have a jig and table saw that Iíll
    be using.




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