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Thread: Yahoo Groups?

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    Yahoo Groups?

    I was looking at Yahoo Groups under Laser Engraving and Sand Blasting and was underwhelmed by the options. Did I do something wrong or is there not that much activity on Yahoo these days!

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    The majority of people are going to Facebook, unfortunately.
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    10 yrs ago Yahoo groups were the thing. Yahoo somewhat killed them a number of years ago with one of their updates. They are pretty much dead.
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    Yahoo has groups?
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    There's always MySpace too...

    Other than a few of these types of internet forums, we don't do social media. All Facebook as ever done for us is drive wedges between us and our kids and friends when they post something stupid on FB- they forget that while we don't post, the wife DOES look...

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    Yeah, there is quite big community on FB - but mixed beginners, design & product spammers, tons of ads and a little bit of experienced users.
    etc. Worst thing there is: searching something what was published more than a week ago. Nightmare. And you have to remember which group you use - they are so similar. :/

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    That’s amusing timing to see this post. I just joined a sand carving group on yahoo today.
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    Most Yahoo groups have transistioned over to, it's a very similar but easier to use format. Although there are still plenty of Yahoo groups that are active.
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    I'll check that out!

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