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Thread: How do you Google something specific?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Page View Post
    Lots of good info in there, thanks!
    The search modifier I use the most is the "-". If I search and a bunch of results have some common word that is not germane to my quest I'll put the dash in front of that word and search again. This is a simple and fast way to narrow things down. (There can be no space between the dash character and the word to exclude.)

    I use this a lot on Amazon. For example, if I want an analog oven thermometer, searching for oven thermometer also gives me a bunch of digital models. I'll add the exclusion to the end of the search string and search again: "oven thermometer -digital" (without the quotes) and all the digital models are excluded.


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    You can get a lot of info off E-bay searching also.
    Just remember not everyone uses the same words...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Beitz View Post
    You can get a lot of info off E-bay searching also.
    Just remember not everyone uses the same words...
    So true. If I am looking for something that is sort of like a "your term here" but, do not know its specific name . . . I have spent way too much time looking for something and then accidentally stumble on to the "magic word". That is, the name that it is identified with on the web. Suddenly, I have tons of results.
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    Yep... Don't want earrings just -earrings minis it out....

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    If you seeing to much of something you don't want then just minis
    it out...
    Example... Looking for a truck and you don't like Ford.

    Truck for sale -Ford

    No space between - and word you don't want....

  7. 1) "Ridgid Tile Saw R4040 price"
    Ridgid Tile Saw R4040 $(some price)...(some price)$

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    Do yo know about google search queries? If you don't know about that do a little research on search queries.

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    I usually google with the appropriate model number or I hide in others. So think what my friends have searched for example

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