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Thread: Easiest workbench for weakling

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    Julie, looked up those and they are still available but the cost is $1,400 and shipping is on top of that. That’s about double what even maple would be for a Roubo from what I found last time I looked. Does look like a very workable bench though.

    If you can find a solid commercial bench for $1500 USD do it. Depending on Wood most of my bench builds have cost over $1000USD. I wouldn’t think of sellling one for less than $3000USD. BTW most companies have very good shipping rates, cost of shipping shouldn’f Be a big problem.


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    Julie, great bench for the price. Tony, Ken beat me to it, but $1400.00 is great value.

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    I'm in north Georgia, and I have about a half dozen folks within 30 minutes of me that are hand tool (Neanders) guys. There are probably another half dozen or more with an hour of me.

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    Hi Tony
    To me $1500 sounds like a lot of money. And it seems that you want to build your own. Let's see what we can come up with that you can handle and still meet your needs.

    1. Does it need to be movable?

    2. How much should it weigh? I have one at about 150 pounds and one at 400 pounds. The heavy one is better but not a lot better.

    3. What vises do you need? Mine have full width twin screw types across one end that is adequate for almost anything and I have a clamp on machinist's vise for metalwork. This can save cost and work better than traditional woodworking vises.

    4. A very capable top can be made with heavy edges and a thinner center.

    5. Careful planning can get you thru most of the build of relatively light pieces and a single flip over event. (friends and pizza)

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