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Thread: Sublimation Printer in Rochester NY

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    Sublimation Printer in Rochester NY

    I know this thread is not related to sublimation printing, but I believe many of the laser engraver folks are well acquainted with the process.

    I am in Rochester, NY. Looking to experiment with this on 1" x .5" pieces of flat cement.

    I have searched and not found anyone relatively local to me that does sublimation printing. I was hoping someone on here might have a connection.


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    I don't believe that sublimation printing is an option for cement. The transfer is done using a heat press or other suitable system and its unlikely you can get cement up to the required temperature. I expect there are other problems as well such as the transfer requires the material to contain a certain level of polyester.

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    There is a material available now that can be applied to the concrete prior to sublimation. I would think that increasing the dwell time sufficient to bring the temperature to sublimation levels is possible on that size material. I believe there is a spray on material and a film that would work. They are applying it to wood now so it's really a matter of bringing the temperature high enough.
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