I have an insulated 2-car garage in Minnesota, where it has recently gotten very hot and humid. I'm considering getting either a dehumidifier or A/C for the garage to keep the humidity down (and potentially to cool the space a bit). My primary concern is avoiding rust on tools - comfort is secondary.

There is an exterior wall, so I could install either a mini-split or a through-the-wall A/C unit (or heat pump).

Ideally I'd put in a mini-split, but I already have an electric heater in the space, so the heat pump feature would be somewhat redundant. And I don't anticipate staying in this space long-term, so I'd like to avoid investing that much time/money.

The work to cut a hole in the wall for a window A/C seems to be more hassle than it's worth.

I was leaning towards a cheap dehumidifier (~$110), but what about a "portable" A/C? For only a little more cost than a dehumidifier, I'd get some cooling, as well as dehumidification. Seems better than adding ~500W of heat into the garage by running a normal dehumidifier.

Anyone have any experience with these?