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Thread: super dust deputy XL

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    super dust deputy XL

    ok i found a 5hp 2 bag grizzly for really cheap. it has a 10" inlet. what do you guys think about having the dust collector more in a central area of the shop and having 2 6" main runs with 2 super dust deputy xls?

    also if i put the dust collector in a closet can i use furnace filters to help get me closer to a .5 canister filter. i was planing on putting it in a room just to cut down on sound.

    i was planing on getting a 3hp cyclone, but i would save some money with this setup on the collector and pipe.


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    I run a pair of shop vacs, each with a Dust Deputy, each at a station of smaller tools that don't do well with the larger DC system. Your approach is essentially the same if you are talking about a DD on each leg and not in series. The air in the unused lines will act as a bit of a shock absorber on start up but, should balance out quickly.
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    If it were me I would get a single Clear Vue cyclone body rather than the other pair. A cyclone has drag and a pair will reduce the airflow more than the single unit. It is also a touch cheaper than the pair. They also have a right handed model if that fits better in your shop.

    You could use furnace filters but should be looking for the thicker ones with a high MERV number. I have them in my central heating system but they aren't well sealed along the edges of the filter media so there will be leakage past them. There is nothing stopping you from using a cartridge filter as a last stage instead or get a flat industrial filter including HEPA instead of the furnace filters.

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    Why would you need two cyclones with one blower?

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    You can have two 6" runs go through one dust dept. XL. As for boxing in the blower, no problems there as long as the filter surface area is more than adequate for the air your grizzly will move. You don't want to constrict it's flow.

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