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Thread: Maple Frame & Panel Box

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    Maple Frame & Panel Box

    Rather than throw out onto the fire pit...decided to try and make something out of a stack of Maple scraps....
    IMG_5400 (640x510).jpg
    Front panel is a book-match resaw, edge glued, and then planed into a raised panel
    IMG_5398 (640x578).jpg
    Same goes for the panel in the back. Panel for the lid was a 3 board glue up. Ends were some 3/8" thick Cherry scarps..
    IMG_5399 (597x640).jpg
    That just happened to be wide enough ( ran out of thin Maple..) Box stands 9" tall, counting the lid.
    IMG_5402 (565x640).jpg
    Chain to hold the lid....
    IMG_5407 (640x502).jpg
    Simple ( and SMALL) brass hinges. I tried to show off the grain.
    Corner joints are Tongue & Groove glue joints.
    Thanks for looking in...
    IMG_5406 (552x640).jpg

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    I like it, and it's hand made unpretentious quality. The obvious "this wood is NOT going to be wasted" will make all future owners smile. Reminds me of an old ballot box.

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