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Thread: Does 6" SDR-35 PVC fits over 6" intake of a Laguna C Flux 1 or other Cyclone DC ?

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    Does 6" SDR-35 PVC fits over 6" intake of a Laguna C Flux 1 or other Cyclone DC ?

    Does anyone know if 6" SDR=35 PVC pipe will fit, reasonably tightly, over the 6" intake of a Laguna C Flux 1 or Jet Dust Collector? According to my measurements with a caliper the O.D. of the Laguna 6" intake is 5.928" and the all the specifications for SDR-35 6" I have found state that it is 6.275 O.D. and has a minimal wall thickness of .180. It sounds like the 6" SDR-35 should fit fairly snugly over the Laguna intake but it would be great to hear from some one who has actually tired this.

    More details for those interested

    I am asking because 6"SDR-35 PVC cost $33.02/14 ft sections where I live (North of Boston) and I do not want to spend $33 only to find out it will not fit. I have already tried fit a 6" to 6" Fernco 1056-66 coupling and it is way to big (6.597 I.D.). And I tried a Hub and Hub SDR-35 gasketed Coupling, ASTM -D-3034, which was also too big and fit pretty loosely over the Laguna intake. I tried these two options because they were much cheaper that a section straight pipe and I can return them to the supplier for a refund ( but not a 13' section of 6" pipe)

    4" SDR-35 PVC pipe fits nice and snug over the 4" intakes on the 6" x 4" x 4" Y adapter to the intake that ships with the Laguna C Flux 1 which is what leads me to think that the 6" DR-35 will fit over the 6" intake. I would really like to use 6' PVC pipe as the main duct pipe and SDR-35 6" straight pipe is the cheapest solution I have found.

    Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice


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    With the exception of flexible hose, I have had to adapt every duct to collector connection I have ever made. Unless the machine comes with something like a Norfab flange or other common commercial connector -and- you plan to use that type of ducting, it will likely just have a raised ridge/ring to aid in hose retention.

    I was lucky on my 7" machine that a 6" PVC coupler fit near-perfect into the 7" DC opening and, of course, the ASTM-2729 PVC pipe fit the coupler. . Just a wrap of silicone tape to assure it was air tight. I would just pick up a short section of 6" hose and use it as a coupler between the machine and your duct work.
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    The Blue Borg sells short, 2' pieces of SDR35 if you want to give it a try without buying a full length.

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    I also had to adapt most fittings to fit. To do this with PVC I cut a ring of the pipe then if I needed a smaller diameter I cut a narrow segment from the ring using the bandsaw, then squeeze the ring gap together.

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