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Thread: HNT Gordon shoulder planes

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    HNT Gordon shoulder planes

    I have a chance to buy a couple of used HNT Gordon shoulder planes. I've never seen one live but have read many excellent reviews of HNT Gordon planes. I'm just wondering what people who own or have used a HNT shoulder plane think about them.

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    Terry Gordon makes excellent planes. Keep in mind that they are especially made for Australian hardwoods. For this reason, the cutting angles are high, typically 60 degrees (bevel down), and this includes the shoulder planes (where most other shoulder planes are bevel up at 12-15 degrees for a cutting angle of 37-45 degrees). They shouldn't work, but they do. Especially in hardwoods. They probably are not as good on softer woods as a shoulder plane with a lower cutter angle. Then again, few others are as pretty.

    Regards from Perth

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    I have had one for over ten years, it was the first shoulder plane I bought. I have since bought smaller and larger shoulder planes but have no reason to replace the Gordon. Only reason not to have more is that they are not available locally, the one I got was a closeout. The plane sits in the lower left of the plane case above my workbench.
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    Highly recommended!
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    Thank you for the replies. I have been convinced to purchase them.

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