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Thread: Any woodturning clubs in Knoxville, TN.

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    Any woodturning clubs in Knoxville, TN.

    Is there any woodturner clubs in Knoxville, TN. Roger.

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    I am sure John K Jordan will respond with more info, but yes and the club meets at Woodcraft. I did a two day demo/workshop there earlier this year. Great bunch of folks.

    Left click my name for homepage link.

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    Yes a fantastic club the John K Jordan is in. They do meet at the Woodcraft Store but I can't remember which night. I'm sure the store will tell you. Smokey Mountain Woodturners, I found this, hopefully it will give good information.

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    Yes, the Smoky Mountain Woodturners meet in the classroom of the Woodcraft store the third tuesday of each month, the 21st this month. Meetings start at 6:30 but most people get there at 6 or so to chat and socialize.

    The website:

    A bit about the club, including mailing and email address:
    If you have any questions, sent a PM and we can talk by phone.

    The latest newsletter is here:
    (Warning to the sensitive, my picture is there from last month's demo! )

    The scheduled demo this month is Turning a Pedistal Dish by good friend Jake Niedling.
    Some people bring wood for a wood draw. This month I'll be bringing a few fairly large pieces of green bradford pear, already cut into spindle and bowl blanks and waxed. We have a big wood auction in March every year but I want to auction these off right away while they are still green and fresh. I think one is about 16" in diameter.

    We'd be glad for you to visit!


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