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Thread: Question about Lee Valley self cleaning blast gates

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    Question about Lee Valley self cleaning blast gates

    I know these work with PVC but will they work with metal ducts or QR ducts like Nordfab?

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    I have some of these. They do not have the connecting collar shape but, can certainly be fitted by anyone handy. The Lee Valley neck is quite short and just barely accepts a hose clamp. I have several "adapted" to 6" PVC where I add a short 4" hose whip between machine and ducting.

    Here I have adapted the gate to a 6-to-4 reducer using a section of 4" irrigation pipe with a section removed to make it fit the inside dimension of the adapter. The gate neck then fits like a cork and is secured by a screw short enough to grab the gate but, not long enough to enter the airway.

    e-DC-Mod-Planer.jpgf-DC-Mod-Planer.jpgblast gate magnet 4.jpg

    I have other variations for different scenarios but, these pics were handy. You can see the short neck I describe in the last pic.
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    My ductwork is metal 6” and all my blast gates are the LV self cleaning variety. Works fine
    Bob C

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    I have them with metal ducting, they fit if you're using ducting you can attach with sheet metal screws..........Rod.

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    Yep, they can work as Glenn alluded to. One thing not mentioned is that Lee Valley also has proper hose clamps that follow the spiral-ness of the hose and therefore clamp more appropriately.

    They call them Bridge Clamps:,42401,62614
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    When we moved and I was planning how I'd set up the new shop, the first thing I did was toss the plastic blast gates. In their place I went with the LV self-cleaning gates. I am so happy I did.

    In this picture you can see three of the LV blast gates in line with standard 4" HVAC metal duct. The blast gates are just above the 4" flex. I used fiberglass reinforced metal tape to seal the 4" HVAC joints and the system works pretty well. I have yet to encounter a problem with the LV gates.

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    They work very well with metal duct. The neck is slightly tapered for a tight fit. I used teck screws to secure the duct to the aluminum neck. No real need for tape even.

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    Gee, I’ve never had trouble with the aluminum blast gates from woodcraft.

    Even the plastic ones can be modified to reduce clogging. Just drill holes where the corner of the gate is when it’s closed.

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