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Thread: Minimax c22 combo machine

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    Minimax c22 combo machine

    Does anyone have any experience with these machines? I have an opportunity to acquire one and would like some feedback from someone who’s used/owned one if possible.

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    Never seen a C22 in person but used the C26 Genius and like it a lot. The important thing to keep in mind is that it is not a CU300. It's a great alternative to your jobsite saw, lunchbox planer, and router table. If someone is thinking it will replace a PM66/Unisaw, Delta shaper, and bigger jointer and planer, they will be disappointed. If you understand its capabilities and those satisfy the woodworking you're trying to do, it will probably be fine. Just my 2-cents.


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    I am not familiar with C22, but own C26 that Eric mentioned.

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    I got the model number wrong. The Machine is a c30. It's red and looks to be from early 90's. Does anyone know where I can get a manual for this machine?

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    1990's would've been either mustard yellow or two-tone green? I think the red/black scheme would've been 80s.

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