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Thread: Auriou, the renowned rasp maker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewie Simpson View Post
    81160 SAINT JUERY

    Tel +33 (0) 5 63 45 53 64

    Wait until the third round of crowd-funding is needed (I did not know this was the second time they came out for money (for the same or a different problem?)).


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    Quote Originally Posted by steven c newman View Post
    Not so thing you know...Sears will be doing the same thing....
    What happened to the 900 million they got from selling the Crapsman, oops, Craftsman brand? How much do they want this time from the crowd funding?


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    Can you really be critical of a company which needed outside funding in 2008 then managed to source it and stay in business?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Parks View Post
    Seeing this is not the first time they have resorted to this I doubt the solution is long term. I would be ashamed to put the begging bowl out as they have done, doing that shows that either the business model is not viable or they are bad managers or perhaps both. Imagine someone like Kodak doing the same thing, they would have been laughed at but except in scale there is no difference. I have had more than one business and cannot believe the audacity of begging for money to keep it going. I know it is a hard nosed view but I was taught that a business is supposed to survive by making a profit.
    Uh, ever hear of the U.S. auto and banking industries? Oh wait, they begged our government to bail them out, but the money came from us, the taxpayers. A lot less honorable than Auriou.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Maleski View Post
    I'm not sure what you mean, Jim. Rasps range in coarseness depending on the grain (e.g., a #6 grain rasp is for coarse rasping, a #15 grain is for finishing). Do you mean that the Pakistan rasps aren't finished to the same degree, or....?

    I have a Gramercy rasp (from Pakistan) and a couple from Auriou. Since they're different sizes/grains I can't really compare/contrast them, and all work fine. The quality of the handles do vary; LN added a beautiful handle on my Aurious, whereas the handle on the Gramercy shows some tool marks (which doesn't detract from its use).

    I use my rasps all the time.
    The rasps were of a coarser grain and less finished. Buying rasps off ebay or yard sales tends to be hit or miss.

    Did get some nice Italian hand stitched rifflers from an ebay deal.

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