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Thread: Grand Bird?

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    Grand Bird?

    A listing came up in my local CL today for a "Grand Bird" laser (80w). Here is the listing:

    I can't really find anything about the company online - does anyone know anything about them? Failing that, does anyone have any thoughts about the advertised machine?

    I have looked into buying a laser before and visited with a Trotec rep for a couple of hours. I know that this is not in the same league as a Trotec, but then neither is the price.

    At this point I'm just looking to get my feet wet as a hobby and learn the ropes.

    Any advice or information would be appreciated.

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    It looks like one of the many Chinese made lasers from off the shelf components. Not even an adjustable up/down table? Can you troubleshoot and fix problems with mechanical and electrical issues?
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    Looks somewhat like mine as far as the bed George. But with only limited depth. Maybe 4-6" ? Mine will drop about 14" and I can add an inch without my upper grid. This would be major issue if only limited depth. I don't know if I'd pay nearly that much for a 6 year old machine. Expect PSU, and maybe controller to be near end of life unless he's replaced. If not far, I'd go take a look, take a few pieces of 3 to 5mm ply (pick up a quarter sheet at a big box for a few bucks) and see if it will cut it at 15mm/s or faster for thin, and at least 10mm/s for the 5mm. 80watt should do that or better, those are slow numbers at about 20-22mA of power. But would give you ideas on speed. (any slower and tube is probably going. (or if he has to be hitting 30mA)
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    Thanks. I suspected that his price was high for what the machine was. I may still check it out but I don't think I'd pay more than $1000 for it, and only if he can demonstrate that it works. You can get the same specs on a new machine from reputable sellers on eBay for less than he's asking, as is often the case with CL.

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    So it looks to be a 1290 or 1390- also resembles my Triumph in size and shape, also uses the same type of rail bearing setup, which by the way I have NO problem with...

    FWIW the factory price of my machine in 2013 was $2900, but of course getting it here from China added to that-

    As for cutting speeds, mine is also an 80w machine, and while I don't do all that much cutting, I do know my settings for cutting 1/8" plex and Rowmark, which is what, 3mm? At 25-26mA and both sides masked with paper, it cuts thru very cleanly at 20mm/S... I can get thru at 22mm/S but some spots sometimes don't cut thru cleanly. So feel free to use this as a reference point

    Also, my table is stationary like that one. Yes, a moving table offers much more flexibility. But I bought my machine as an experiment, and since I had 2 other lasers at the time I went a cheap as possible. While the table obviously doesn't move, it does REmove, leaving a funnel-shaped cavern in its place. For me, this left me able to laser engrave many things not possible with the table in place, such as large aluminum enclosures and boxes, suitcases, backpacks, etc...At the bottom of the cabinet is a catch-drawer that's approx. 18" x 12"-- I cut out the cabinet sheet metal below the drawer, and now I can engrave items as large as 12x18 x 38" tall- I also jerryrigged a piece of plywood to act a lower table, I have 3 clamps attached to it plus plenty of open space that allows me to engrave all kinds of stuff. I had Triumph fab me up some various sized longer lens tubes to help with the focusing... This is all just to point out that a non-moveable table doesn't necessarily have to be a 'drawback'

    -the lens tubes Triumph made ($100 the bunch)

    The hole in the floor, that the drawer seals up when in place-
    DSC03835 (Custom).jpg

    Cermarking a 12" tall SS enclosure w/drawer in place-

    engraving a 28" tall aluminum enclosure with drawer removed-
    DSC03829 (Custom).jpg

    Engraving the leather handle of a $900 Ebby Rane suitcase-

    my wood table setup (before the 3rd clamp was added), cermarking cowbells--

    --- There's not many machines capable of engraving large metal enclosures and suitcases, and if you're the only guy in town who has one...

    This is not to say I think you should buy this particular machine, BUT, if you can get it cheap(er), and the fact that a new tube in if necessary isn't all that expensive, if the thing works, might be worth it. My machine is 5 years old and while I've had an issue with a broken stepper motor wire (that was easy to fix), the machine works every bit as well as the day I got it. It's made me many $$ engraving weird stuff no one else around here can, or will do...

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