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Thread: Need help choosing a new table saw

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    Need help choosing a new table saw

    I've been looking for a new table saw and have narrowed things down to two saws from two different classes: the Dewalt 7491 and the Delta 36-725. I have narrowed my decision to these two because of cost and because of ease of getting the thing home from the store. I like the Delta because it seems more sturdy and its closer to the Craftsman contractors saw I had before. I like the Dewalt because it's lighter, easier to transport, and about $100 cheaper. I'm old and weak and don't have access to a truck. I don't want to have to wrestle with a saw that weights too much. BTW, it will be stationed in my garage, so mobility (once I get it home from the store) isn't too important.

    I am mostly interested in smaller furniture projects, so I wouldn't be handling large sheets of plywood.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

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    I know nothing about the Dewalt but I had the Delta and wouldn't recommend it. The fence is sloppy, it seemed to have a wobble in the blade that made accurate cuts difficult if not impossible, and it was loud. Just as a reference, I bought it through Lowes and had it delivered. I think I had to pay a delivery charge but not sure. I unloaded it recently as I bought a home where I could have a shop.

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    I have the Delta and have had no issues with it. I have been using it for 4 years and it has been a great saw. Mobility is easy with the caster and wheel setup that it has. Unlike the previous post, my fence has never given me any problems. I too make furniture, segmented bowl pieces and pretty much anything I desire to make. I have made numerous jigs for the saw and for the price, I would recommend it. Is it a dialed in cabinet saw, no, but for in my opinion it's a decent saw for the money.
    Also, I have had no issue with blade wobble. On the negative side, the dust collection leaves a lot to be desired. I put a contractors ts bag under it with lackluster results. I wound up putting a ts dust hood underneath the saw with a 4" flex duct that wyes into the 2 1/2" port from the blade dc shroud. I also have built a shroud that covers the blade with a separate 2 1/2" hose to the dc. Works fair but not perfect. I probably catch 90% of the duct and particles with this setup.
    Others may chime in with more negatives, but I've been a happy camper so far.

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    Hi Pete,

    Those two saws are apples and oranges. Since you have narrowed it to those two choices, it seems pretty easy to make a decision.

    The only way I would buy the DeWalt is if I needed a portable saw to take places. It is made for that purpose.

    You state you will be using it in your garage for small furniture. In this case, you will be much happier with the Delta.

    It has standard miter slots for store bought or homemade jigs or cut off sleds, it takes any normal dado set for building shelves, etc.. You can add a wing on to one side for a router table, the cast iron top will allow magnetic featherboards, etc. The motor is induction (quiet), as opposed to a portable saws universal motor which will be as loud as a Skilsaw.

    I could go on, but of the two choices you gave, the Delta is hands down more a more flexible saw for your stated situation.

    My opinion, worth what you paid.
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    For about the same money, the Rigid 4512 is a lot more saw for your money. It is mobile and plenty of saw for most woodworking tasks. My son bought one last year and I was impressed with the accuracy of the saw right our of the box, though we did adjust it to get even better. The guard and fence take a bit of experience to get the hang of, but they work well and are easy to work with after a short learning curve.
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    Sawstop. None better.

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