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Thread: Cowryman Router Plane

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    Cowryman Router Plane

    Ran across this on Amazon tonight.
    Cowryman Router Plane. $49.99
    Not interested in purchasing one. interested in what you think of the design and is it worth $50?

    NOTE- Amazon also has other styles of Router Planes from this maker.
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    Those same planes are all over Ebay, anywhere from $38 all the way up to $150

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    Not sure if this is correct, but my recollection is the router planes with straight blades are referred to as an "old hag's tooth." It is a little awkward at times compared to the bent blade model.

    Here is a router plane with an L-shaped blade:

    Router Marking Gauge.jpg

    Here is is being used like a marking gauge. There are many things this type of router plane can do that the "old hag's tooth" might not be able to do.

    The Veritas router plane blades will work in this base with a little modification. The easiest is to just flip the adjuster nut upside down. Otherwise an approximately 1/4" wooden sole will do the trick.

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    Thatís an ugly puppy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Koepke View Post
    ...referred to as an "old hag's tooth."
    Or, in polite company, "old woman's tooth." I can see circumstances, mainly small areas, in which this might be better than a router plane with an L-shaped blade. But I'm not going to rush out and buy one.

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    Come up to my neck of the woods....there in an Antique Mall downtown, there is a plaque hanging in a stall....someone had changed the handles, and screwed a Stanley No. 71 to the plaque, as a $35 coat rack.

    Might be worth the effort to clean it up.....maybe. It does have one cutter onboard...

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    Had a chance to try one at Little Miami Woodworks in Ohio, worked okay. I am not planning on turning in my LV or even my Stanley for it, but it works well enough to justify the lower price.
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