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Thread: Where to buy Color core cardstock type of materials

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill George View Post
    But will it cut and engrave on a laser, enquiring minds would like to know. I see Amazon sells it, try and let us know.
    Yes, and you can get it at any store that does framing, e.g. Aaron Brothers, Michaels.
    There may be some odd specialty varieties that have a vinyl top layer to get a non-paper (e.g. metallics) look, but I've never encountered that in normal photo mat board.
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    more info?

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    Use posterboard! Walmart sells a black posterboard with a white core. They may have other colors with a different core, but I keep black on hand to test a design before etching on black granite or black anodized aluminum.
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    I make my cards out of matting also. Any framing shop has tons of “middles” for pennies. High speed , low power, two passes, zero smoke.
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    I use scrapbooking double sided card stock to make business cards. It's available from Michael's or directly from DCWV. Here are a couple links to dcwv.

    The attached photo uses the jewel tone paper.
    biz cards.jpg

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    Doug Fisher Have you looked on youtube, Mike Clarke (Trotec) Doug Green and Roy Brewer have some fantastic tutorials on using coreldraw to create laser files.
    All free.
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    For business cards try clear cast acrylic. It has the highest wow factor of any business card I have ever made from any other material. People never throw acrylic cards away.

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