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Thread: Where to buy Color core cardstock type of materials

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    Where to buy Color core cardstock type of materials

    Hey guys! Looking for a color core cardstock or board to
    make business cards from. So When engraved on will have different colors etched in. Any help
    would be greatly appreciated on where to purchase this type material. Thanks I’m advance.

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    I use Rowmark that I get from B F plastics

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    Here is one source.......
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    Thanks guys! Looking for cardstock/paper or paper. Love the idea of metal or plastic but trying to go with a certain look.

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    Wow, Google is sometimes your friend....
    First try. "Laserable Paper"
    Good company, and you can find worldwide
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    I don't have a lot of experience here, but I have engraved a few 'card stock' type things over the years... Seems to me that since most card stock is simply some form of paper with a printed surface, the laser engraving is going to be a different color than the printed surface, nothing special about it.

    If you're looking for different color 'cores', not sure about that...

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    What you're looking for is called color core mat board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt McCoy View Post
    What you're looking for is called color core mat board.
    But will it cut and engrave on a laser, enquiring minds would like to know. I see Amazon sells it, try and let us know.
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    Trotect has a laserable paper they just came out with. I think there are different weights, and colours.
    No idea as to cost.
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    Just spent part of my lunch break searching this stuff, 'cream' core seems to be the default, and the ONLY other 'variable' core colors I've been able to find are alabaster white, white, and black... Not sure about the black, but the white colors will likely laser to a tan color, pretty much the same color as the OP's pic sample...

  11. We use scraps of picture frame mats to make business cards. And we have an unlimited supply of scraps. But you donít generally have a choice on the under color, itís always white. Over time, weíve found some colors that work pretty well, but most colors donít work, they absorb too much smoke.

    People love these business cards and think theyíre made out of thin wood. We get daily requests to do this for other people, but we tell them we would have to charge $2.00 each, so not many takers, lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Davis - Sturgis SD View Post
    ...People love these business cards and think they’re made out of thin wood.
    Alder veneer makes a nice biz card

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    Trotec USA doesn't sell it
    Quote Originally Posted by john passek View Post
    Trotect has a laserable paper they just came out with. I think there are different weights, and colours.
    No idea as to cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert Kemp View Post
    Trotec USA doesn't sell it
    I hope Trotec USA starts to up their game in terms of education materials (e.g. online videos) and selling laserable materials. Trotec Canada and Trotec UK put Trotec USA to shame.
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    It's easy and inexpensive to lay-up your own cardstock.

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