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Thread: Anyone order from this year?

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    Anyone order from this year?

    Hi All,

    I ordered some koyamaichi chisels on three months ago (May 18). With no update to the order I contacted Stuart two months after ordering (in July) wanting to know if there are any updates and when I can expect to receive the items. Haven't heard from him yet, or had any updates to the order status online three months on.

    Has anyone here ordered from him recently this year and received their purchases/communication? I know he was going through a rough time last year from his blog post, so I expected a delay in getting the items, but definitely expected some form of communication.

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    I'm pretty sure a few people have, that I've heard from here in various threads. I just place my order (don't remember when my last one was), and forget about it until I get a "surprise" package. If I needed something I could get elsewhere, was in a hurry for it, and didn't mind paying extra for it, I would order from somewhere else.

    Please come back and post in this thread when the chisels show up.

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    I believe Stu has been dealing with a close family health issue lately that has been a hard go for him.

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    I ordered some additional Sigma Ceramic stones from Stu on the 7/4/ 2018, and received the package wirhin 14 days.

    Excellent service from Stu.

    1 ea. Sigma power ceramic stone #120 oversize. 4,900
    1 ea. Sigma Power ceramic stone #400. 5,000
    1 ea. Sigma power ceramic stone #1000. 'hard' 3,800
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    I ordered some chisels from Stu in Jan/Feb they took 3-4 months to show up with no contact in between, in my case they were an assortment of different sizes, styles and 2 brands.
    You will get your chisels just may take a bit of time, be prepared for nice surprise one day soon.

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    Hi Hasin,
    People reporting here earlier in the year also had little or no communication. But IIRC, they all (eventually) received their tools and were pleased with them. Stu's reputation is solid (aside from the lack of communication).

    Edit: Here's a link to Stu's blog post that talks about what's going on. Reading that and earlier posts, it sounds like he got behind when his Mom died and then got buried in orders (a good thing) when the Yen dropped.

    Let us know how you like the chisels after they arrive!

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    Without going over what has already been mentioned here and elsewhere, there is also the fact that Stu doesnt stock these chisels, which he mentions on the website.

    So on top of the normal wait, you have to factor in the lead time for them to either be made or at least arrive from the blacksmith.

    A number of popular blacksmiths have lead times in the years, so when you order in such a way, you have to be prepared to wait. I dont believe these will take as long, but you have to accept its going to take a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Campbell View Post
    I dont believe these will take as long, but you have to accept its going to take a while.
    Hopefully, a customer will hear at least a word or two about how long the wait to be.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon MacGowen View Post
    Hopefully, a customer will hear at least a word or two about how long the wait to be.

    Sadly it seems everyone who has purchased items from ToolsFromJapan has reported to have not heard a single word from Stu.

    It sounds like he is operating a small business with barely time to eat, let alone answer everyone's questions or suggest an ETA that he may not have the adequate information to predict.

    From what Stewie said it seems like common items like stones and such ship fairly quick. Items that may have to be ordered individually from blacksmiths with months to years of orders ahead of them will take longer.

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    Thank you everyone. I don't doubt that Stu will get the items to me eventually. A little more communication would be much appreciated though, especially after emailing him after waiting a while already.

    In any case, it seems as though everyone is still getting their items , and that makes me feel a lot better!
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