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Thread: Anyone order from this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasin Haroon View Post
    Hi All, just wanted to update this thread to say that I received my chisels and gennou yesterday. Exactly 100 days since ordering, but they seem worth the wait.
    Not clear from your statement if you heard anything during those 100 days after placing your order. Did you pay at the time of ordering or when the item was shipped?

    In any case, if you heard nothing during those 100 days despite making attempts to get a response from the seller, then "Thank you very much" would be my thought, and I would never order anything from any seller who is going to hang me high and dry for 30 days, let alone 100 days.

    If the seller has some emergency, that is fine, but if not keeping in touch with a customer is his or her usual way of doing business, I will choose to have nothing to do with him or her, because it is my money. I don't care how great his or her products are.


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    I received an email from Stu 6 days ago saying my order has shipped and he upgraded the shipping to EMS shipping due to the delay in fulfilling the order. I didn't get any responses to my attempts to contact him since placing the order. Payment was taken at the time of order (which is fair, as he has to pay his suppliers). It's fine by me, while I would have liked a bit more contact, I knew going in that it would take some time, and was not in much of a rush.

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    Hasin, thank you for taking a minute to follow-up. It matters.
    Enjoy those wonderful new tools!
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
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    I've been waiting for my chisels ordered on July 2 now with no response on what is going on with them. In my quiet impatient mood with the waiting time I ended up ordering a lot of 8 hira machi nomi used chisels from Japan at at really attractive price, they of course were quick to ship but are now hung up in customs for the last week, so the whole experience is souring my mood. I really like working with the Japanese chisels that I already have... Tataka Atsu Nomi 24mm from another dealer and the 18 and 36mm Koyamaichi oire nomi + 36mm Tsuki nomi are great.
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