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Thread: Fuji Q4 - older system

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    Fuji Q4 - older system

    Someone locally is selling older "black box" Q4 system with SC-1 1.4mm gun / nozzle for $400.

    Unit looks to be several years old, but supposedly has 10 - 20 hrs of use

    I am looking to start my first attempt into spraying world.

    Is this a good first option or should i look at other / new units??? Looking to spend less than $700

    The spray gun is a SC-1 model, but Fuji no longer makes nozzles for the gun. A new, updated gun from Fuji (compatible with the system) sells for $340. The gun perfectly sprays varnish, shellac, stain, oil, thinned enamel, etc but will not atomize heavy pigmented water based paint with professional results.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    First, I'm an amateur with "some", but limited, experience with standard high-pressure guns, airless, HVLP turbine systems (Fuji Q4), and conversion guns.

    I've been very happy with my Fuji Q4, including painting all of my interior doors with water-based enamel (with their large needle-nozzle set). I had to thin it significantly, but got excellent results. Great large uniform fan down to half-dollar round spot. The old gun's all-metal handle is comfortable for long sessions, but can get quite warm. Their newer guns have insulating plastic grips. I'm considering adapting it for 3M's PPS for position flexibility and ease of cleanup.

    I also like my gravity-feed LVLP conversion gun with PPS for its small size, smaller hose, position independence (due to PPS), and quieter compressor.

    The Q4 is my preferred gun for most work, primarily because of its nice large and uniform fan and the ease of dialing in the desired adjustment (despite having more adjustments than my conversion gun).

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