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Thread: Fire safety

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    I have a used Flammable materials cabinet that is not in the shop. I only have flammable materials in the shop when I am using them. Nothing flammable is in my shop.
    Soaked rags are the bigger concern. They always hang outside on a metal frame until they're dry. Then I soak them in water and put them in a sealed zip lock bag for disposal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John K Jordan View Post
    Yikes, I can't imagine designing a building with a "far end without an exit". Unless the far end is underground perhaps an emergency exit window could be added.
    My 62' long shop has man-doors at both ends, several rollup doors, and in the middle has two double steel doors to the exterior.
    My shop is relatively small, but I still have multiple exits available...the main "man door", a "man door" into the adjacent one remaining garage bay, the double "material/nice day" doors in the shop and a door to the outside from the upstairs. These are all normally secured for obvious reasons, but easily opened from the inside should a quick departure be necessary. I believe that every shop space should, where possible, have at least two egress points, even if one is a large window that can be opened or destroyed to get out in an emergency. "Stuff happens"...

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