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Thread: Funnel/Shoot for Custom Sandblaster

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    thats a good idea but better if it could end up in the pressore blaster in some ways. On the big level was told have a fan system cyclone system and your medium ends up back in the pressure system some how so you dont need to stop and reload.

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    I made a good sized sand blasting box and used aluminum roof flashing for the spout out the bottom. It is thin so it folds nicely into a funnel.
    I may have pop riveted 2 pieces of flashing together.

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    You might not need a traditional sand blasting cabinet. The pictures below are of a system that I devised to sandblast some large glass signs at Christopher Newport University. My assistant in the first pic is blasting text through a mask using a small pvc box that has a shop vac connected to it to recapture the abrasives. You can move the blast nozzle around on top of the box and/or slide the box in any direction to blast the project. You need to drill holes in the box to adjust the vacuum so you can slide it easily, a valve installed would be an adjustable solution.

    I have found out that you don't need the acrylic piece with the large hole. Just cut an extra large piece of acrylic for the blast nozzle and it can slide to the extents of the box. I'm sure that you can adapt this method to something like a 30 gallon trash can or something similar.

    We had a contractor bid $60,000 for five of these signs. We did them in house for 5 grand total.
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    Harbor Freight sells a pretty good one cheap.
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