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    Connection not Private

    Suddenly, I'm getting a page warning that says "Your connection is not private"! This is happening on all three of my devices. The laptop, cell phone Droid and the pad. On the laptop, I switched over to Explorer and I getting "There is a problem with this website's security certificate".

    This is only happening with every link to the Sawmill Creek forum. Nothing else! What is going on? And what can be done to remedy this problem?

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    Right there with you pal.
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    The site's SSL certificate has simply expired. It should be a very simple process to renew it, but if Keith Outten isn't already aware someone should let him know ASAP.
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    On Firefox I was able to allow an exception.

    Of course I'm concerned that a site that has my name on everything I do and is viewable by anyone anywhere, well gee, you mean it's not private?

    I just won't be able to sleep well tonight.


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    It's real annoying.
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    It's been reported and I'm sure they are working on getting it fixed. I would advise against adding a permanent exception. I don't believe any private information is at risk.
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    As I understand, all websites now require a secure clearance certification. Google warns everyone away if this is not done. It can be bypassed (which is how I am here now), but not many will know to to do so.

    SMC must sort this out now, otherwise few will be able to visit.

    Regards from Perth


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    The problem is the Aaron and I both paid to renew our certificate and someone at Spirit Domains got confused. Aaron is working on this to try and get it resolved ASAP.

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    THANK YOU Keith! I'm back on.

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