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Thread: Is this the first Glowforge that has burned to a crisp?

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    The only real possibility for a fire when engraving is if something strange happens and the laser stops moving but keep firing - not much chance of that happening so it's not really a fear of mine. Even still, I won't leave the laser running, even engraving, unless it's anodized aluminum (99% of what I do anymore) or stainless with cermark.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kev Williams View Post
    ENGRAVING acrylics is pretty much never going to start any fires, there's never enough heat in any one place long enough to start any combustion, like quickly passing a piece of paper over a flame. Myself, I never worry about ANY raster engraving starting fires.

    CUTTING acrylics, different story, like SLOWLY passing paper over a flame. I don't leave a machine that's cutting...

    But, we're talking about glowforge here, where SLOWLY and ENGRAVING seem to be one in the same
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    From the moment I saw the early prototypes I was concerned about the construction and the materials used for the housing. Safety, cooling, stability (vibrations and resonance issues from the steppers), etc. Overall a poorly engineered machine. Way too expensive for what it is.

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    I also see that they have a problem if where you place it is not perfectly level that it may not cut through. Even just a little warp about the thickness of heave paper keeps it from cutting. Plastic doesn't make a very sturdy platform for a laser

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