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Thread: Grizzly Dealers

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    Question Grizzly Dealers


    I'm thinking of buying the Grizzly G1182Z 6" Jointer, but I'd like to avoid the shipping charges.

    Does anyone know of a Grizzly dealer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area?

    My wife want's to get over there for a weekend away from the kids/house/chores/normal routine anyway. I may as well buy a tool while she is in a good mood.


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    Grizzly is almost 100% mail order. They have showrooms/stores in Muncy PA, Springfield MO and Bellingham WA but nothing in the frozen Mid-west. Unless you like very long drives, it looks like your stuck with the delivery charges. However, there is no state sales tax which you'd have to pay if you picked it up so the shipping costs are partially offset by the tax savings.

    I have a cabinet saw, the 6" jointer you're considering and band saw from Griz. All are excellent tools and a bargain for their price. They'll deliver right to your door step although you may need to pay extra for lift gate service with some carriers if you have a really heavy tool. You won't need it with the jointer.

    Good luck with whatever you buy.
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    i don`t think griz has any private dealers, just show rooms/ shipping warehouses and to the best of my knowledge there isn`t one in the twin cities area? tod

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    Isn't Shop Fox Grizzly's store brand?
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    Jarrod, I don't believe Grizzly has dealers, mail order or showroom only. I just got the same jointer myself last weekend, you will like it! Get help putting the pieces together, it is heavy!

    Grew up in Wisconsin, go Packers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Barlow
    Isn't Shop Fox Grizzly's store brand?

    Yup, same tools, same owner, different paint and packaging. Shop Fox is only available through dealers. Grizzly is only available through Grizzly. I have made the trip to the Springfield store. Neat place. Even better, it is just down the way from the origianl Bass Pro Shops store. No how's that for a wallet suck?

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    I was thinking I had seen Grizzly tools at Woodworker Depot in Green Bay. I looked at their website and I guess I was wrong.

    Good point on the no-tax. Between that and the gas it will save me not taking the truck to the Cities it may be a wash on the shipping costs.

    "Go Packers"? Not here. I lived in Green Bay for 10 years and they couldn't convert me from being a Cowboy fan. Looks like a good choice this year.

    Thanks for the help.

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    My new amason catalouge has a lot of Grizzly in it. On the frout of the catalouge is Free shipping on most orders over $25.
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    With gas prices the way they are their shipping charges arent all that bad.

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    You do not get free shipping on any grizzly items from amazon

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