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Thread: hardwood dealer in SW Florida

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    hardwood dealer in SW Florida

    Just moved to Cape Coral , florida from long island, Ny. Lookin for help finding a local hardwood dealer as well as a dealer of furniture grade plywood.

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    You could check or try to find a cabinet shop or millwork place and see where they get their stock from. I know others have mentioned Florida seems to be tough finding suppliers. Also let others know where your willing to travel to, example Tampa, Orlando etc.

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    I lived in Cape Coral before I escaped to North GA. Check out Alva Hardwoods. I think they close for the summer though.

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    Woodchip Marine Lumber and Supplies provided the ash for my workbench and it was flawless. They are very professional. Located in Fort Lauderdale, but do deliver. They trucked it to Tropical Shipping's dock in Riviera Beach for $50.

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    I'll be watching this one, my wife and I are also moving to SWFL (Punta Gorda) in a couple weeks, I've heard Alva mentioned before so I'll have to check that out, hopefully there are a few options - Driving a little ways wouldn't be bad either - Naples to Tampa along the gulf coast is a pretty easy trip.

  7. This may not be directly helpful, but in a general sense it may be... I moved to NW Florida and found it to be a wood desert when I got here. There was nothing in Tallahassee at all and initially the closest thing I found was a couple hours away. They were okay, but fairly limited and kind of expensive. I think they do carry good plywood, but I have not yet purchased any from them.

    Since then I have been discovering that there are a lot of little mom and pop mills. Many are a part time sideline business. The deal mostly in local species, but some have some really interesting stuff. I just found a guy here who specialized in salvaging down or distressed trees that need to come down. I have found stuff like 500 year of longleaf pine, huge curly cherry slabs, really old pecan crotches, ancient sinker bald cypress. There is also more run of the mill stuff in local species and salvaged stuff from buildings that may not be local. The other good news is that the prices are usually pretty good in these local mom and pop mills.

    Not sure if your part of the state has as many of these little operations or not, but it may be worth looking for them.

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