In the 'learn something new every day' category-- I just fiddled with the 'angle' setting, and yes indeedy it does rotate the entire output! After a couple of minutes I came up with a -0.38 rotation that perfectly squared the output to the faceplate of the machine!

I also learned that the tweaks made in the "field" tab window affects the laser AND red light output. I also noted that after squaring the output, the red light lined up perfectly to my test engraved box in the Y axis, but was just a hair short in the X axis; I had to add .007 to the X scale in the red light adjust window. Now, I'm not sure changing the rotation had anything to do with that or not, it might have needed a tweak before I did the rotation change, I'm not sure. But I'm glad I checked, the red light and engraving line up nicely!