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    Roctech 4X8

    I am looking at a couple of machines and one is made by Roctech. . Does anyone here have any experience with this company? It's a Chinese company but they have them in stock already in the USA and you can go to their facility to see, test and get some training on the machine. It appears to be pretty heavy duty with decent components for the price. It is more than buying direct from China but I wouldn't have any of the headaches of having it imported and I can see the machine before buying and know that it has the components that I am paying for before buying which from what I have read has been an issue with buying Chinese plus I can test it there to ensure that it is functioning properly.

    What about the DSP operating system? I really don't know much about it. Mach 3 or Ncstudio is an option but the one they had for sale is DSP and not sure if they could change it out there or would have to order a machine set up for it.

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    Looks like a 3ph machine, can you deal with that? They quote some nice parts/components
    Glad its my shop I am responsible for - I only have to make me happy.

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    They sold the one they had in stock now with the tariffs they are bumping the price another $3000 so it is now off my list.

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