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    Shotgun Case

    I have enjoyed learning great information from so many of the experts on this site. I’m not at that level, but thought I would share my latest project.

    I was looking for a locking case to store my Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun under my bed. I keep my Sig P320 handgun in a Gunvault beside the bed, which is opened every night and locked during the day. I really like the electronic push button lock on this case, but couldn’t find anything similar for my shotgun which would also fit into the tight space. So, I built one.

    I know that it can be opened with the right tools, but I think that applies to almost all cases of this type. It was a nice project to hone or learn new skills for making tight meters, dovetail joints, and hand chiseled hinge mortises. The wood is walnut and maple with 4 coats of Tung oil. The lock took some thought to install, since it’s not meant for this application, but it works perfectly.

    I now have easy access to my shotgun in a case that opens very quickly, plus some new woodworking skills.

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    That's a stand out case with great attention to detail. Well done!
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    Beautiful case, Tim. Very well executed. And yes, welcome to the Creek!

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    Thank you gentlemen!

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    Nicely done indeed. Welcome.
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