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Thread: Delta DL 40 question and mini gloat

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    Delta DL 40 question and mini gloat

    Yesterday I picked up a DL 40 Invicta Delta lathe. Everything is there and currently operational. This lathe was only 1.5 hours away and it was all basic Ohio Turnpike travel. With state tax and buyer premium the basic bid of $650 ended up at $801.xx. I know that is high for this used lathe but given it shows very little use and the dc controller is working I think it is a marginal good buy.
    In the picture you can see two small steel blocks and some bosses cast into the bed that the blocks size up to. But I do not know the function of the blocks and can not find any references to them in the manual.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

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    I would guess they are for a copying mechanism that bolts to the front of the lathe...nice gloat by the way on some old iron. How much does the complete lathe weigh?

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