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Thread: I'm sure I'm the only one who's ever done this

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    If that inch thing gets me one more time, I'm switching to metric.
    Chuck Taylor

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    I almost totally make cabinets for myself. I take them to the space to fit as soon as I have something to try in the space. Best to start the remake as early as possible.

    I've done a lot more trim than anything else recently. I do the longest piece in the room first. That way, if I cut it wrong I can use it for one of the other locations.

    I also like story sticks. I need multiple ways to avoid errors. Occasionally I need to go get more wood, but I get stuff done.

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    I learned pretty early on working as a carpenter to never burn an inch. Too hard to remember to add it back and too close to your actual number.

    If I'm working in feet (10' 9") then I'll burn 1 foot and say "burning a foot!" out loud when I take the measurement just to drive it home. If I'm working just in inches (129") then I'll burn 10".

    Or just use story sticks if appropriate.

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